Architetto Alessandro Spano  via G.Washington 07026 - Olbia  ph +39 3479348691

I love the sea, nature and sport,

I'm an architetct in Olbia,

In my projects and my ideas I try to give exclusivity, practicality and elegance;
In my project When I try to reinterpret space, designing furniture and light as well.
This allows me to leave to my customers unique pieces, created and thought only for them.
Light is a key component in my projects, when I imagine a space I imagine it carved out of light at any time of the day and in the evening.
I think a good project without good lighting is not a good project, lighting creates emotion and modification, improves or worsens more space than any furniture.

Architetto Alessandro Spano  via G.Washington 07026 - Olbia  ph +39 3479348691
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